Free On-Site ConsultWindow replacement for an aging home can be a big project that even the common DIYer doesn’t want to take on. There are always surprises hidden inside the walls of any older home, and when you are looking to get an old window out and a new one in without much time for work, then you should look to a professional crew to take care of it for you.

Nelson & Son Siding Contractors are the perfect crew for the job.  With a steady hand and a trained eye, they will make sure that your window replacement job goes off without any hidden surprises.  They are one of the most experienced contractors in the Quad Cities areas with several happy customers on their list.  Call them today and schedule your free on-site consultation 563-289-9011

How Much Savings Are There in Window Replacement?

Energy ChartEveryone knows that the new windows coming out these days are more energy efficient than the ones built 10-20 years ago, but do we really know what the cost effectiveness can be with these changes? Yes we certainly can. The image here shows us exactly what those cost savings can be if we are replacing either a single pane or a double pane window.

In addition to the instant savings on your electric bill, certain eco friendly home improvements, such as select replacement windows, may allow you to qualify for an energy tax credit of up to $1,500.

What are Other Benefits of Window Replacements

      • Better look and feel inside and outside of the house.
      • Zero maintenance on all vinyl windows, and little maintenance on wood trim windows.
      • Simple open and close with a more secure lock and seal.
      • Reduced Noise level going in and flowing out. Increased privacy.
      • Easy to clean, and safer to clean from inside your home.